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Brian Graham Lietz
Brian Graham Lietz passed away April 20, 2004 in Jacksonville, Florida.

Brian loved his family, his work and his friends. Growing up he was always the calming influence between the siblings. His nickname was “The Turtle”, because he moved at his own pace.

He always had an interest in electronics. At the age of 14 he built his own radio station that had a range of 2.5 miles. He broadcast everyday after school from the garage.

He had a passion for flying and had the opportunity to utilize Angel Flight through the American Cancer Society to fly him and his friends or his wife Debbie to his treatments in Lakeland, Fl. Brian was in heaven the day the pilot of the 4-seater Cessna had Brian sit in the co-pilot seat and take over.

He also loved football. Brian would record the Florida Gator football games to watch in the off-season. He enjoyed the ones they won and the ones they lost, he was hopeful they would win when they played them again. He had the perfect setup in his own backyard with the TV, pool and friends. The operative word here is “friends”. Brian drew people toward him like a magnet. To know Brian was to love Brian.

Terms to be used with Brian:
Coined the phrase:
Meaning if you can think it, we can do it

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